Pulp & Paper

From Sodium Hydrosulphite, dyes, whiteners, polymers, defoamers, Sulphuric Acid, Hexametaphosphate, and most chemicals required for effluent treatment, Chemex Solutions has cost effective chemical programs to suit your needs. We have innovative products, such as non hazardous Sodium Hydrosulphite, and custom made coagulants to lower end user costs, and increase the efficiency of the application.

Over the past few years, Chemex Solutions has built relationships with the best Asian, European, and North American Suppliers, and does it’s own testing on all imported products to ensure the highest quality and lowest cost for our customers.

Chemex Solutions is managed by professionals who have a strong track record in the chemical industry. This commitment to professionalism is the core of Chemex Solutions’ philosophy.

Email us your questions at: Questions@Chemexsolutions.com

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