Water & Waste Water Treatment Division

At Chemex Solutions, we carry a full line of products used in water and wastewater treatment. Our Polymers, defoamers, nutrients and coagulants have all the required certifications for any given application, along with the technical support to make them work most efficiently.

Chemex Solutions distributes a complete range of Anionic & Cationic polymers which guarantees the most selection for your application. We also custom blend many of our ferric sulphate coagulants to the customer’s needs.

With our dedicated staff of engineers, and technicians, we can assess the customer’s requirements, and provide the right chemical program to meet the customer’s needs. If you think your current chemical program could be improved, please contact us for testing, and a no obligation, no cost quote.

Email us your questions at: Questions@Chemexsolutions.com

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