Chemex Solutions was formed to meet the needs of today's industry
  • Ash-Kleen - Indistrual Ash Modifier


    Safely eliminates clinker and glassy ash
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Cleaning your boiler for longer use between outages

Chemex Solutions was formed to meet the needs of today's industry. That is one that demands top quality chemical programs, backed by excellent technical support all at a very competitive price.
When problematic ash and Clinker builds up in a boiler/energy system it not only increases the frequency of unscheduled outages, it reduces efficiency, and results in more fuel being burned to generate the same load. By using ASH KLEEN®, the problematic ash and Clinker becomes weak and friable, falling off under its own weight and is removed with the ash removal system. Ash that does remain on the boiler walls and tubes is removed much easier, usually with a simple washdown.

ASH KLEEN ® is a safe, non toxic and completely inert material that is easily fed into any energy system & boiler. ASH KLEEN is also more cost effective replacement for Comate for applications that are familiar with this product.

Industries Served Worldwide

Manufacture wood industries

OSB, MDF, plywood and Particle Board

Pulp & Paper

Recovery Boilers and Liquor Boilers


Biomass and Waste energy
About Chemex
We are Chemex Solutions

About Chemex

Chemex Solutions was created in 2001 as a consulting company to help Pulp and Paper customers with their waste water treatment problems. Having built a reputation as a company that delivers value and sound technical solutions, we soon started distributing cost effective commodity and specialty chemicals.
Our reputation and experience in the industry has enabled us to grow rapidly as well as expand into new sectors such as Mining and Oil & Gas. Our philosophy has always remained the same, which is to offer value and strong technical expertise to our customers.
We currently manufacture some of our own Products, as well as distribute products sourced globally to customers all over North America.
We are Chemex

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Our mission is to be the industry leader in providing cost effective chemical programs that continuously exceed our customer's expectations on quality and service

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We are Chemex Solutions

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